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Hi, my name is Mrs. M. Henriquez-Santiago.  I am of Puerto Rican and Shinneock Native American decent. I am bilingual and am fluent in English and Spanish. I was born in New York. I am married and have two wonderful children. I have been an elementary school teacher for over 15 years and currently teach a 2nd grade bilingual class. I graduated from college with two Degrees, one in Elementary Education and the other in Bilingual Elementary Education. I completed my first Master's Degree in TESOL (English as a Second Language) and completed my second Master's Degree in Educational Technology.

I enjoy using technology to enhance my lessons and engage my students. I absolutely love being a teacher and my favorite subjects to teach are science and technology. I love teaching and enjoy watching my students learn and discover new things. My job is both challenging and rewarding. My students are are always actively-engaged and if you come to visit you'll find us experimenting and exploring the world around us. Mrs. Frizzle is my hero and I try to create lessons for my students that are both educational and exciting.

One of my favorite pastimes is reading and my favorite genre is science fiction. I try to install a love of reading in my students.


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