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...And The OSCAR Goes To.....


In their  first film debut Mrs. Henriquez-Santiago’s stars strut their way down the red carpet ready to show the world that they are indeed STARS !


OSCAR Challenge #1:

Our first animation movie of the year was a Cut-Paper Animation about a snowman.  We worked in teams to create the best cut-paper animated film.  We wrote storyboards with scripts, designed props and backgrounds, took digital photos, edited our photos and animated them.  Then we created background music, recorded narration, and added titles and credits.  We then asked some teachers to score each film based on a rubric .  Here are the results!

And The OSCAR Goes To.......

First Place Winner!!!!!

Category: Cut- Paper Animation Short Film

Our Other Cut- Paper Animations:

More To Come Soon!!!

All my students are STARS, and just like stars they love to shine.  This year the students will be challenged to take on the roles of actor/actress, directors,producers, and animators as we use media and technology to help us learn and grow.

OSCAR Challenge #2:

Did you ever wonder what it would be like if food could talk? 

    Well we sure did!  After learning about nutrition and the Food Pyramid we teamed up with our 1st grade pals in Mrs. DiNicola’s class and created animations about healthy foods starring some of our favorite foods.We had lots of fun challenging ourselves to try to make it look like the foods were actually talking.  we hope you enjoy them!

Goooooo, Food Groups!

The Tater Tots

Nutritious Foods On Parade

Funny Foods

Watch Our Food Animations, Then Cast Your Vote Below


Winning Food Animation To Be Announced Soon. 

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